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Do you want to Join the INTECH COMMUNITY? For almost a year, we’ve accumulated 550 Registered Users at Intech. We’ve decided to seize this opportunity to build a Brand that centers on delivering value in both learning and discounts to its TRIBE and community. We now basically have TWO main Registered users OPTIONS on our platform. 1. RESELLERS: have access to our Discounts and Bulk purchase and get Discount rates as high as 15% to buy WAEC scratch cards or buy NECO scratch cards online . We are the first in the industry to start discount purchase for our valued customers. 2. STUDENT LEARNING COMMUNITY: You get access to our Book – “College Gliding Precepts” worth thousands of naira that will help you scale through college (written by a first class Graduate) Our goal is to build a community of lifelong learners and connect tech to education; we make it seem easy. After Registration, you’ll be granted access to our Facebook group community which is where you can ask any questions and get 24/7 support. P.S: Your registration is a lifetime offer.